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Ragin' CMS

We’ve chosen to adopt a content management system (CMS) because of the advantages it provides our users. As we redesign the university’s online structure, we want to ensure that we have a strong framework and solid foundation to buildupon, and a reliable CMS is key.

Ragin’ CMS is a content management system that means serious business when it comes to powering website environments. The templates and features of this CMS were built for the University’s target audiences, and will provide users with a powerful experience.

Building our sites on Ragin’ CMS provides us with the following advantages:

  • Unified, fully branded templates that will be made available to all university colleges, departments and programs.
  • No more Dreamweaver. Those of you who have been updating your current sites in the program know that - in and of itself - is enough to celebrate.
  • Pre-built “modules” that allow you to add interactive, dynamic features to designated areas of your site. Want a live news feed on your homepage? It’s just a click away.
  • Accessible WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface for making updates and changes to your site.
  • Simplified ways to add information to your website and route that info through to specific locations within the site, with all links and cross-references properly maintained.