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Promote Your Event

Suggested steps to help you promote events with wide audience appeal...


Three weeks prior

Plan and implement mass media promotions and advertising.

Two weeks prior

Implement campus visibility and networking.

  • Post and distribute flyers on campus bulletin boards only.
  • Post flyers at places students frequent, e.g., local coffee shops, restaurants.
  • Email your event flyer to to be included in the Monday Messages announcements on the University's Instagram and 'RaginSpirit' Snapchat account.
  • Invite student & community groups to attend and to help publicize through their websites, meetings, etc.
  • Ask faculty to mention it in class. Occasionally they will offer extra credit for relevant topics.

Final week

  • Deliver banners to be hung on your reserved space.
  • Promote an event with a table on campus.
  • Campus postings & sidewalk chalk.

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