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Office & Departmental Campus Announcements

The Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) distributes a variety of mass internal (University/campus) communications including, but not limited to: the University’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan; emergency, urgent or time sensitive messages; and University news, events, and recognition.

All mass communications to University or campus groups, including messages for the digital boards around campus, go through the OCM. This reduces overall University communication and allows OCM staff to plan and streamline campus communications accordingly.

Make an Announcement Request

If you would like to have a message distributed to students, staff, faculty, or a combination thereof, read the Email and ULink Announcement Procedures and make an announcement request.

Office & Departmental Email Lists

The Office of Communications and Marketing understands there are some offices or departments that maintain email lists and may send announcements to large, targeted groups. These offices should work closely with the OCM when sending mass emails to their internal audiences. This coordination is necessary to streamline University communications, increase efficiency, and ensure targeted, tailored, and consistent messaging.

Mass Email Communication Procedures

The OCM ( must be copied on all internal communications sent to an email list of 500 or more people. Additionally, someone from each office or department that utilizes email lists to send communications to campus groups should annually complete the Mass Email Communication Form. This form details:

  • included groups or recipients;
  • number of recipients;
  • types of messages sent;
  • timing and frequency of messages; and
  • the list removal process.
  • Mass Email Communication Form


Contact the OCM with any questions or for assistance at or 482-6393.

Mass Email Communication Form

e.g., students, faculty, staff, and specific targets within these groups, such as juniors or seniors?