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Using the University's Logo

The University’s name and all University logos are owned by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. All University logos are protected by trademarks and/or federal registrations.


  • Any use of any University logo or any use of the University name requires prior review and approval from the licensing staff in the Office of Communications and Marketing.
  • University marks cannot be altered or modified in any manner (including, but not limited to adding elements to official logos or covering part of logos with other elements, color changes, stretching or skewing, flipping, separating into parts or altering any part of any university logo).
  • Depending upon the logo, the appropriate TM (trademark) or ® (federally registered) indicator must appear next to the logo every time the logo is used.
  • Only officially licensed manufacturers can produce items bearing any University logo, using the university name, or referencing the University in any manner. View the Licensed Manufacturers page.

Request to Use a University Logo

Only official University logos are to be used when representing the institution. To request a specific version of an official UL Lafayette logo, fill out the form below.

Please note that it may take up to two weeks to have your request fulfilled.

Describe how the logo will be used.