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Internal Video Request Form

The Office of Communications and Marketing partners with University colleges, departments, and offices, on internal video development and must approve all videos produced for the University.

Please note, that our resources are limited, and all video requests will go through a rigorous review process to determine whether or not they meet pre-defined criteria for moving the University forward.

Requests must be made at least two months in advance.

By requesting a video, you are responsible for:

  • Initial script development
  • Talent recruitment and management

If you have any questions, contact our multimedia specialist at

Be as specific as possible about your intentions for using the video. What's the call to action or impact you want it to have?
How do you expect this video to be used? Who is the audience? How many times will it be shown and on what platform? On the University’s website? A special purpose, such as recruitment material?
Example: 1 - 2 minutes
Select a date before your intend to use the video to ensure it's completed.
How many males and females? Age groups? Ethnicity?
Explain your vision for the video. Be as specific as possible about locations, talent, storyline, perspective, props, graphics, etc.
Describe locations and situations.
Make sure you check with that person first!