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Digital Signs

Communications and Marketing oversees content displayed on television monitors located in several buildings and offices around campus.

Locations currently include:

  • Baker Hall
  • Bonin Hall
  • Bourgeois Hall
  • Buchanan Hall
  • Burke-Hawthorne Hall
  • Coronna Hall
  • Dupre Library
  • F.G. Mouton Hall
  • Griffin Hall
  • Huger Hall
  • Judice-Rickles Hall
  • Martin Hall
  • Moody Hall
  • Stephens Hall
  • Office of Transportation Services
  • Office of Research
  • Office of the Registrar

If you have a message you would like displayed, contact us for a consultation or upload your file below. You can also view what is currently displaying on screens.

Image requirements:

  • JPG or PNG format
  • Sized 1280 x 1024
  • 72 ppi (pixels per inch)