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Broadcast Emails

Email is an official means of communication for the University. Broadcast email is a method used to communicate University information to groups of employees and/or students for community engagement and administrative purposes.

All employee announcements and messages are combined into a weekly email that is distributed to University faculty and staff. This email contains short overviews and links to broadcast messages submitted to Communications and Marketing within the designated timeframe.

University-wide Broadcast Message Guidelines

These UL Lafayette guidelines ensure that email remains a reliable means of communication. The guidelines also maintain the quality and appropriateness of messages.

  1. Message must be clear and concise.
  2. Message must for be placed online and a link submitted with request to distribute.
  3. Use of email lists is restricted to members of the University community. Only a division/department head or director, or their designee, may submit a request.
  4. Message should be related to the mission or business of the University and of significant interest to a large segment of the University community.

If a college or department distributes a student broadcast email for their respective area, they must follow these same guidelines.

  • Health and safety notices, and emergency updates;
  • Notification of campus network or other computer related events, including service outages and campus closures; or
  • Timely communication with direct impact on University community members;
  • University-sponsored events of a high-profile nature. NOTE: One email per event. The event must be on the University calendar at
Not allowed:
  • Events on a college, department, or organization level should be placed on the sponsor's University website and displayed on the University's calendar. See our guide on how to promote your events.
  • Messages containing HTML, graphics or attachments. Instead, include a website link to direct readers for more information and upload your attachments to a website then include a link to the documents;
  • Personal notices, e.g., items for sale, lost or found;
  • Employment postings or retirement announcements;
  • Messages of a commercial, political, or lobbying nature;
  • Messages that solicit support (financial or otherwise) for charity, personal gain, or special causes not connected with an official University effort; or
  • Discounts not affiliated with University. (Discounts managed through the University and its affiliates are allowed).
Make a request:

To request a university-wide broadcast message, email at least seven (7) working days in advance of the preferred distribution date. Requests for surveys must be sent ten (10) days in advance. The request should contain:

  1. Preferred release date;
  2. Intended audience: “all students,” “all faculty,” “all staff”, and/or "retirees";
  3. Name and email address of the sender of the message, which will be included at the end of the message unless a “for more information” contact is otherwise provided;
  4. Suggested subject line for the email message; and
  5. The message in plain text, not exceeding 150 words. For topics that require more information, consider including a website link to more detailed information.
Review of your request:

The Office of Communications and Marketing manages broadcast communications for the University. Communications and Marketing can edit submissions, and will obtain approval from the author for significant changes before distributing the message. Broadcast messages may be sent at non-peak times (e.g., after hours), an alternate date or aggregated when possible.

The Communications and Marketing team reserves the right not to send an email that is inappropriate or contains information that could be communicated through a different channel.

Note that during University times of emergency, non-emergency broadcast emails will be suspended. The Office of Public Safety may send email broadcast messages that are emergency in nature through the Emergency Notification System (ENS), in addition to text messages and voicemails.

For assistance, contact Communications and Marketing at or 482-6397.