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Branding Toolkit

Our branding messages collectively paint a compelling portrait of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The key to any successful branding initiative is consistency, which builds awareness, and repetition, which reinforces recognition.

Branding is about positioning the University in the marketplace. For this branding initiative to be effective, it must be embraced by our campus community, by our students, and by our alumni, who are some of our best ambassadors.

We must speak with one voice.

The tools listed below provide a closer look at our branding platform. We encourage you to use these tools when you speak about the University—there are even PowerPoint templates for our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to use for presentations to reinforce our brand.

If we speak with one consistent, strong voice, we will be heard. We can show Louisiana and the rest of the country what it means to be a Ragin' Cajun.